Certificate Deposit Info

OTCBB/OTCQB/Pink Sheet Stocks

We generally accept for deposit, subject to documentation requirements and compliance review, OTCBB/OTCQB/Pink Sheet stocks that meet the initial criteria:

Do not have a “Caveat Emptor” status on otcmarkets.com, are not subject to unsolicited quotes only, are not classified as “Grey Market,” and are trading over $0.01

Contact us today at (818) 907-1505 ( option 2 ) to see if we can accept your physical certificate.

Affiliate or Non-Affiliate Deposits

Affiliates of the company include officers, directors and shareholders with large positions. There are other scenarios in which you may become an affiliate of the company. If you are unsure if you are an affiliate of the company please contact your attorney. The Client Checklist for Deposit Documentation includes instruction for deposits of both affiliate and non-affiliate share certificates. You can find the additional forms at the end of the page.

Download Client Checklist for Deposit Documentation

This form must be completed and signed for all deposits of securities. After completing this form you will know what documentation is necessary in order to deposit your certificate. Please be as thorough as possible in order to avoid delays in the clearance of the certificate.

Download Stock Power

Sign with blue ink only, do not complete any other fields.

Do not sign the back of the certificate or fill in any of the fields on the back.

Your certificate will not be processed until $2,000 is deposited in your account.

Fees are charged by the clearing firm in addition to the fees passed through by the transfer agent.

If the shares are not registered on a registration statement filed with the SEC, you will probably require a legal opinion covering the certificate. Some registered shares may also require a legal opinion.

Once you have completed the attached documents, please forward your documents to [email protected]. All forms will go through an initial review to determine if anything is missing.

You may contact us at (818) 907-1505 (Option 2)

In order for Glendale Securities, Inc. to accept your shares for deposit we need to obtain information and documentation that tracks the shares back to their original issuance by the company. In addition, we must verify that the shares were issued legally, and that each and every subsequent transfer was properly performed. Glendale Securities, Inc. must be able to determine that the shares are currently free trading because they are registered or because they qualify for an exemption from registration. Please be as thorough as possible in order to avoid delays in the clearance of the certificate or other deposit. Certificates received without proper supporting documentation will be returned. In many cases it will take approximately 3‐4 weeks in order to clear your certificate. There are circumstances where the clearance process is considerably longer than 3‐4 weeks. Further delays occur when incomplete documentation has been provided. Since each deposit is unique, Glendale Securities, Inc. cannot provide any additional information on the clearance timeline.

Forms for download: