Form 211 Filings

SEC Rule 15c2-11

Rule 15c2-11 covers the requirements necessary for the initiation or resumption of electronic quotation of securities in the OTC Markets. FINRA is the regulator responsible for the OTC Markets including the OTCBB and Pink Sheets. Pursuant to SEC Rule 15c2-11, a Market Maker must file Form 211 with FINRA.

Form 211

Form 211 provides the basic information regarding the company. In order to fully comply with Rule 15c2-11 there are many more items that need to be provided to the Market Maker. There are also some minimums that are important to note.

Minimum Qualification Test

  • At least 30 Shareholders with free trading shares
  • At least 1 million shares outstanding
  • At least 250,000 free trading shares

Companies that meet this initial test can contact Eric Flesche at 818-907-1505 option 2 for more details.