Deposit Instructions

Deposit Instructions - Wilson-Davis & Co., Inc.

Funding Your Account:

Glendale Securities, Inc. does not accept third party checks or wires. All deposits must come from the account holder of record. Glendale Securities, Inc. does not accept cashier’s checks, money orders, cash or cash equivalents for deposits into customer accounts.

In addition, Wilson-Davis & Co., Inc. does not accept wires from, or issue wires to, third parties. As such, the name on the account of both the initiator and recipient of wires coming to or sent from Wilson-Davis & Co., Inc. must be the same.

Incoming Checks

Please make all checks payable to: Wilson-Davis & Co., Inc.
Note: Reference your Glendale Securities, Inc. Account Number on the bottom of the check

Mail checks to:
Glendale Securities, Inc.
15233 Ventura Blvd., Suite 712
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Incoming Wire Transfer

Incoming Wires should be sent to:

Key Bank of Utah
50 S. Main St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84144
Account Title: Wilson-Davis & Co., Inc.
Routing/ABA #: 124000737
Account #: 449681007836
For Further Credit:
[Glendale Securities Inc. Client Account Name]
[Glendale Securities Inc. Client Account Number]

Deposit Instructions - Electronic Transaction Clearing, Inc.

Please call 818-907-1505 for wire Instructions if you’re account is held with Electronic Transaction Clearing, Inc.