.:Glendale Securities Inc:. | FAQ
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How do I open a new account?

For instructions on how to open a new account please click here.

How do I transfer my account from another broker?

If you currently have an account, please complete the account transfer form in addition to obtaining a copy of your most recent statement from the broker you are transferring from and fax both to 818-985-5604. If you do not currently have an account, you will also need to complete the new account forms.

What fees do you charge?

Please review our commission schedule and fee schedule.

How can I place trades?

You can place trades online Execute Direct, or via telephone at 877-803-7900 option 1.

How do I view my account balances, history, and statements?

You can view your account history and information online at:

Click Here  for Electronic Transaction Clearing, Inc Clients